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New articles.....

The heart-warming story of old Mr Gladstone and his beloved small black Pomeranian dog Petz in the Biographies section

People in Poms - show years 1859 to 1896 - a detailed directory of 342 breeders/owners/exhibitors, and their dogs, with additional information.

People in Poms photos - photographs of several early breed enthusiasts with their dogs - both are in the British Show Info to 1915 section

Coming very soon ...

Biography of Miss C. Hamilton, elected first president of The Pomeranian Club in 1891 - age 29. Includes extensive information about her many dogs. 

Revisions scheduled soon for existing articles about General Lee & Spado, Queen Victoria & her Poms and Black and Tan Pomeranians.





Here is a sample of the many 'firsts' revealed on the Pomeranian project:



Thank you to Brigitte of Chips Poms, Germany - whose expertise regarding the early Spitzes of Germany has been invaluable

We are very proud to announce that the American Pomeranian Club has featured some of our new and exclusive articles in their 50th Anniversary Special Edition of the Pomeranian Review. We particularly hope that our American friends will enjoy reading about Major General Lee's dog Spado, the first known Pomeranian in America. Please visit: The Pomeranian Review

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